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Tea ball

Round and good: The tea ball as a guarantee of enjoyment

The tea ball – a flowering flower

What is behind the term “tea ball” depends entirely on how you look at it: On the one hand, it denotes a round flower composed of individual tea leaves for direct insertion into a tea cup or teapot. On the other hand, he calls the so-called tea egg – a ball-shaped fine sieve made of stainless steel for self-filling with loose tea. You receive both variants in numerous versions – and the appropriate information at the same time:

In the form presented here, tea balls make the perfect gift for tea lovers with a penchant for unusual products. They are ideal as souvenirs, because unlike some real flowers they reach their recipient completely undamaged. This is made possible by the firmly joined structure that protects the inside of the tea ball. In the middle are selected tea leaves and parts of plants, which exude an enchanting smell even when dry.

Information about the use

To enjoy a tea ball, place it directly in the drinking vessel and pour hot water over it. Since most raw materials of the flower belong to the variety of green or white tea, it should be cooled to about 80 degrees after boiling. Thus not only the tea ball itself unfolds, but also its full aroma. As soon as the blossom appears, it shows a splendid play of colours, which of course comes out best in a glass cup or jug.

The tea ball as a practical fine strainer for loose tea

This form of tea ball is a special tea strainer made of tasteless stainless steel. The two halves are connected by a hinge so that you can open and close the tea ball. On the opposite side is a closure that keeps the contents of the tea ball safe and prevents tea leaves from falling into the pot or cup. For better handling most ball sieves are equipped with a chain, which fixes the tea ball in the spout or at the glass edge.

Depending on the type of tea you want to use the tea ball for, you will need different diameters. While a smaller tea infuser is sufficient for black, green and white teas, a tea ball should be considerably larger for herbal or fruit teas. The volume of these varieties cannot be compared to the contents of inexpensive tea bags, as they often contain whole leaves or flowers or fruit pieces. Accordingly, they need a lot of space in the tea ball.

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Tea Ball